Believe and you can do anything.


How to feel better in 30 days.


Have you ever felt like others just don’t really get you, or that maybe you just are not having your true colors seen. It may not be your friends or lovers fault. A lot of time in today’s world, we are very self involved, we worry about how we look and how we dress and sometimes we do things to protect our ego. Some times it’s the blame game, or others it’s when we lie to ourselves, and this causes problems because sometimes we lie to ourselves so well we forget who we are. So,here’s my challenge for you, look deep inside and see if there’s anything you may be hiding from ourselves and once you find it, congratulate yourself, because honestly our egos are likme children and rather than punishing them when they fess up for lying we need to tell our egos that they did the right thing. Practice this for 30 days and you will feel and be some much better for it.